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Solar energy intelligent Watch
Published: Caister    Date: 2014-06-02  

In 2014 the global mobile Internet Conference (GMIC), a seemingly intelligent watch ordinary mechanical watches attracted many onlookers, it is the world's first solar intelligent watch -Tinsee. And before this, day intelligent watches in China's most influential crowdfunding platform crowdfunding web exclusive launched the project, had a record 4 days to raise the outstanding performance of 100000 yuan.

The reporter raised network project in the introduction page that day, intelligent watch project just before 16 May to raise 100000 yuan can be successful, now have excess to raise 180000 yuan, and the amount is still increasing.

"In fact, we also did not expect so soon to raise success." The day watch CEO Zhang Pengcheng said in an interview with reporters, the crowdfunding project was so successful, not only the product itself, but more is the use of the managed network platform, the use of Internet thinking to do the promotion effect.

"Most choose to raise pattern, because we feel we can try a new product mode of transmission in the Internet age." Zhang Pengcheng expresses when accepting a reporter to interview.

Crowdfunding, translated from foreign word crowdfunding, namely public financing or financing for the masses, the characteristics of Internet and the spread of SNS, for small businesses, artists or person to show their creativity, for your attention and support, and then obtain the required funds.

Zhang Pengcheng said, I try holding the mentality of the day, intelligent watch four project founder, the crowdfunding project to the Micro message friends of their own, but get beat all effect.

One of Zhang Pengcheng's friends to see this project, would not hesitate to support 980 yuan. In the end of Tinsee chips, solar intelligent watch he will receive the price is 1680 yuan, and a value of 268 yuan leather strap.

"There is a chance, can spend a small amount of money, support friends of creativity, but also the real experience of crowdfunding is what, I will participate in the." The supporters said.

In fact, many from friends who have had this mentality, and this is reflected outstanding success raised the important point is to use social networks.

Get along well with "crowdfunding" a book editor Hao Xinghua said, crowdfunding start need to place an order based fans quickly, forming a fast rising place an order quantity. The four founders of this and Tinsee first to fight for their friends to support agreement.

Zhang Pengcheng also said, from the circle of friends and supporters of the project to raise success laid the good foundation. "After they participated in the financing, the project information to their own circle of friends, diffusion through the spread of this, there have been new people pay attention to this project, and participate in."

This is just to use social networks to get along well with all the chips, fission effect. Through the circle of friends group, constant propagation, the strange group brought in, to form a cluster, it can break through the original circle line, forming a large circle. And these can raise people, more or less, and the project sponsor maintained a weak connection, they are friends, or friends of friends, or even a friend of a friend of a friend......

One economist said, only the crowdfunding model through social networks, can produce the fission effect. Because the chip is not money, not money. In crowdfunding project, all support supporters have corresponding return. At the same time, proponent of stories and return to the raiser's interest, and even of like-minded people. These resonance, can let the supporters and the project sponsor to come together, and go forward. This may also explain why crowdfunding, has become an important channel of financing start-ups propaganda.

"In addition to the circle of friends broadcast, we have more than 50% supporters from crowdfunding web loyal customers." Zhang Pengcheng said, "the raise pattern choice to promote their products, but can save a lot of money, more emphasis on crowdfunding network provides the platform support."

As the excellent crowdfunding platform to raise net is to provide a comprehensive fund-raising, investment, operation of incubation, a one-stop service platform for the project sponsors to raise, this also let between entrepreneurs and supporters more complement each other.

"If we watch the traditional communication channels, is simply to find agents, but that we are difficult to do with the user has direct communication. This watch they think is good or bad? We don't know whether it needs to be improved?." Zhang Pengcheng said, but the financing mode is not the same. In crowdfunding online, the project sponsor can be the most direct exchange and supporters, and Tinsee solar intelligent watch has collected many pertinent suggestions.

Zhang Pengcheng cited an example to reporters, Tinsee solar intelligent watch propaganda is the "solar", but the user through crowdfunding is proposed, when all of the visible light can charge for this watch, Is it right? In project communication time points out?

"We humbly accept this advice, timely adjustment of the publicity, so that we can better use our products." Zhang Pengcheng said, only the product and the user closer, can obtain the loyal customers.

The public face of the managed network provides opportunity, Zhang Pengcheng has a more long-term ideas, "this all in crowdfunding web can raise Tinsee solar intelligent watch supporters, other products after the purchase of our team will enjoy 10 percent off discount."

In the face of this preferential activities, Zhang Pengcheng explained, this is for the long-term development of the company, to win the long-term loyal users to consider. "The international high-end brand Armani are involved in the preparatory activities, we such enterprises should seize this opportunity."

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