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Watch how to wear a noble temperament
Published: Caister    Date: 2014-04-28  

In social occasions, wearing a watch, usually means that the concept of time is strong, rigorous style of work; and people who don't wear watches, or to ask others at the time, it will always be a sniff at, because this shows that the concept of time is not strong.

In the formal social occasions, watches are often regarded as jewelry, usually only ring a jewelry can be worn by men, is very popular. Some people even said: "watch is not only a man of jewelry, and is the man most important jewelry." In western countries, watch and pen, lighter once known as adult men "three treasures", every man can not be away from the body.

And jewelry is the same, in social occasions people wear watches are often reflect the status, identity and wealth. So people in interpersonal relationships in the watch, especially men's watch, most eye-catching.

The choice of a watch

Wear a watch to correct, nature should first understand the watch, and be good at choose watch. Selection of watches, often should focus on the five aspects of species, shape, color, pattern, function and other issues.

(1) species

According to different standards, the watch can be divided into many different types of. In social situations, people are generally based on price to distinguish the species. According to this standard, the watch can be divided into luxury table, table, mid-range, low-grade high-grade table table four. In current price terms, luxury watch prices in 10000 yuan of above, high-grade table in 2000 ~ 10000 yuan between, a mid table in 500 ~ 2000 yuan between, the low table in 500 yuan of the following. The specific types of watches, first of all to do, don't make things too. In addition, but also take into account the individual occupation, appearance, communication object occasions and also the other clothing and so on a series of related factors.

(2) shape

Watch other often with its worth, grade of. The wear on formal occasions watch, in other aspects should be dignified, conservative, avoid the strange, new. Men, especially the sages, older people should pay more attention to the. Other novel, fancy watches, only for girls and children. In general, round, oval, square, rectangle and diamond watches, because of its modeling solemn, conservative, wide application scope, especially suitable for wear on formal occasions.

(3) colour

Select the worn on formal occasions watch, its color should avoid disordered, the general should choose a monochrome, two-color watches watches, should not choose three or three or more colors watch. Whether it is monochrome or color watches watches, the color should be clear, elegant, noble. Gold, silver, black table table table, namely the dial, case, strap are gold, silver, black watch, is the most ideal choice. Golden watchcase, watchband, milky white dial watch, can stand the test of time, at any time to wear won't fall behind.

(4) pattern

In addition to digital, trademark, factory name, brand, watches need not appear no other action pattern. Choose to use in formal occasions watch, especially need to remember this point. If the watch on the strange and eccentric, various patterns, is not conducive to use, but may be a joke.

(5) function

Time, is the most important function of the watch. Therefore, the formal watches, whether the pointer type, jumping or time, should have the function, and should be accurate, then, can be accurate to seconds is better. Accurate only to watch, obviously does not meet the requirements. Some additional functions, such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, direction, blood pressure, velocity and so on, can not, but no good. In short, the watch features should be few but good, and have practical value.

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