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Appreciation of women to watch shows one's status
Published: Caister    Date: 2014-04-01  

Basel exhibition table fifth, NetEase fashion dialogue Tissot China District vice president Wang Ying. In the interview, Wang Ying tells us, the appreciation of female consumers watch continues to improve, to reflect their status.

Tissot China District vice president Wang Ying

NetEase fashion: you wear today this table is unique, and we can share why choose it?

Wang Ying: first of all, this is the Tissot T-TOUCH series, the reason I put this table because in 1999, Tissot has developed this table, the technology of the time is scarce, the advent of this table is innovation, in fact we need technical team is very strong, but the brand that innovate unceasingly enterprising, in a difficult don't fail the belief, so I am very moved, but the spirit and I was like, my career along the way is also against the never say die belief persisted.

NetEase fashion watch industry: how long have you engaged in? Why choose this industry?

Wang Ying: see, this year, is 14 year, chose this industry is also a chance. When I was doing instrument, heard later have the opportunity to Tissot, thinking about a girl can do high-end consumer goods is also quite good, but also a transition for me, I just want to have a try, the results do, do the 14 years.

NetEase fashion: after you know the watch industry, selection of watches will have more requirements?

Wang Ying: Actually I think the watch is even more private things, it certainly have your reasons you choose to wear, it is from your friends and family gifts, there may be a gift to myself, to commemorate the moment of life, there is a demand for some occasions, such as in the workplace worn on a wrist watch can enhance their identity and so on, so, everyone needs to watch is not the same, but I choose watch time also will be judged according to the demand at that time.

NetEase fashion: that you have treasured watch? For example, the first watch, or special table.

Wang Ying: my husband and I married at the time, want to buy a watch, to commemorate this important moment of our lives, because no money to buy what, no tables, just bought a piece of men's watch, I remember is the new world in Shanghai, bought a Tissot, now think of May I and Tissot is a margin, then just work, not what economic strength, but also want to buy a piece of Swiss watches, so we have to first watch us, yet we still witness is me and my husband, happy life.

NetEase fashion: a complex function now seems to become a kind of trend, what do you think about that?

Wang Ying: a growth in make a spurt of progress in recent years, the women are independent, the continuous improvement of social status are related, and watch as a luxury in Chinese have great potential for consumption, female consumers is a part which cannot be ignored in the. Market oriented, will naturally drive the direction of the brand, the market share of a growing appreciation of female consumers, the watch will continue to improve, it will inspire them to wear some mechanical watches, and even some complex function of watches, to reflect their status. This is a trend, the brand is also in order to cater to this trend.

NetEase fashion: your female friends in enough tables, you can give her the kind of advice?

Wang Ying: first look at her place needs, is the need for daily wear, or dinner or movement, there are different options, but I would be more advised her to buy Swiss watches, because this is a reflection of the quality of. Next to her temperament, lively or elegant, also can have the different proposals. But I would suggest that they buy the mechanical watch, let them experience the essence of clocks and watches.

NetEase fashion: if let you design a watch, you feel what it is like?

Wang Ying: I will design a more traditional classic watch, in Chinese eyes watch can be worn for a lifetime, is can pass, so classic that is durable. It should be a disk table, use the digital Rome do scale, dial texture may not be flat, some simple decoration, the function may not be very important.

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