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Father's Day-Dad pocket watches
Published: Sharon Tsui    Date: 2011-06-18  

The fine day is approaching, the second Sunday of June every year, it's time for us to say something to our fathers, they work hard for the whole family and support us all the time, although fathers don't say too much, we know that they love us deeply, so we should also express ourselves and hug them, saying "I love you, dad".


Upon this special day,what gift can we prepare for them?You may buy a photo frame putting family portrait to it and set it on father's office desk, whenever he is tired and look at family memebers, he would refresh and start working again.


Or buy him a pocket watch engraving "DAD", he could take it with him all the time, the watch could remind him going back home on time, the family members are waiting for him to get together.


Anyhow, just show your true feeling and tell father you love him, no matter what gift you send him, he will be glad and touched by you.


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