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What is the use of antimagnetic Watch
Published: Caister    Date: 2014-09-25  

Watch paste antimagnetic movement will re research, the price will rise a litre, you know the brand "is what earned money"? Antimagnetic what use for you?

What is the daily life will be produced in the magnetic field of the object?

Mobile phone, charger, handset, computer, shaver, radio, magnetic buckle, bag on the refrigerator door, induction cooker, microwave oven and so on, these are. Of course, if your occupation is a pilot, you have to face the magnetic field will be more powerful, in a narrow space long time close contact with electromagnetic articles, watch hairspring magnetization phenomena occur, then you can only buy pieces of new.

Antimagnetic conversion formula

The general mechanical watch antimagnetic 4800A/m, namely 60 Gauss. A simple example, small when you play the magnet, magnetic at 300-500 Gauss.

What is the antimagnetic standard?

So you put the magnets on the watch to try, when the watch accidentally in the intensity of magnetic field of 4800A/m, quartz watch residual effect of not more than 1.5 seconds, mechanical men's residual effect of not more than 30 seconds, the residual effect of mechanical watch no more than 45 seconds, this table is antimagnetic. (according to the international standard, if the table under the magnetic field of 4800A/m is still running, and test the day after the maximum error is less than 30 seconds to meet the antimagnetic standard. )

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