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Watch wash oil, you have to know.
Published: Caister    Date: 2014-08-28  

Watch, whether mechanical watches or quartz watches (except pure liquid crystal display) are on the gear operation, we see the watch will mark many drill watch, the number of drilling is not to say that the watch how many diamonds, but that watch how many gear shaft is used in drilling, generally with artificial diamonds. Because man-made diamond abrasion, so the table drilling more, watch relative travel time and long service life. But a watch gear may not use diamond such hard materials processing, it can only be used as axle steel. Watch more small thin, axle is more fine.

Every day tens of thousands of rotating speed on drilling trace oil to reduce wear inside, once the oil dry, axle in the dry wear, come down a few years, this form of life is also the. Although watch table oil is very high, but the amount is too small, will be volatile end down a few years, a hair like thin shaft can wear a long time? Table structure have not previously present complex, and do more big, the wheel is relatively coarse, so some customers say my table ten years without maintenance in go, now the table get smaller, the price several times more expensive than before, never have less regrets. To watch maintenance, be sure to put on the agenda. And watch the wash oil, it is the first step in all maintenance.

It is important to choose the cleaning agent

Here, the cleaning agent problem first of all I want you to talk movement. The purpose of cleaning is to use the cleaning agent, the oil surface and small dirt cleaning out, because the oil and small particles will affect the corrosion time precision and surface movement. Cleaning the seemingly simple, but very important, so to speak, a lot of correction table in large part is due to the cleaning is not clean, so cleaning is very important for the repair and assembly, in a word, did not wash clean, equal to all maintenance, but also may cause unnecessary damage to the heart. Selection of cleaning agent is very important, I met with ordinary gasoline (No. 93, No. 97), solvent gasoline (No. 120, No. 180), and with kerosene, once I have seen the fire engine. Below I talk about the repair work in the more common several kinds of cleaning agent (manufacturers of washing and cleaning formula and process).

1, a hydrocarbon solvent cleaning fluid

Comparison of representative is the petrol (gasoline is said here of No. 120, No. 180 solvent oil) and petroleum ether, advantage is the ability to the oil is very strong, very quick can dissolve in oil, with a small brush, can be washed clean, but is only suitable for relatively new movement. If some active agent can make better cleaning effect. This kind of cleaning agent also has disadvantages, the first is flammable, highly flammable, use should pay special attention to the problems of fire. A fellow I know, is the result of improper use of petroleum ether combustion, almost to the shop. Secondly, for some fingerprint oxide layer effect is not good.

2, chlorinated solvent cleaning fluid

There is a common trichloroethylene, four vinyl chloride, carbon tetrachloride. A very good cleaning effect, dissolve oil effect is very good, this kind of solvent with low boiling point, non flammable, volatile fast, much faster than gasoline, can be said to put parts of clip out a few seconds dry. But this kind of solvent containing certain toxicity, long time contact is not good for health, long-term use is not recommended.

3, fluorous solvent cleaning liquid

Three fluorine three ethyl chloride, the oil penetration, dissolution are a strong force, is not burning, boiling point is 47 ℃, previous data that is non-toxic, but studies in recent years prove that still have a certain toxicity, but also to the atmosphere of the damage is very serious, so this kind of cleaning agent has been out, the market also basically can not buy.

4, alcohol, gasoline, ammonia, acid etc. according to certain proportion

The cleaning effect is good, especially oxidation hand sweat this kind of dirt and movement, after washing a brighter, gilded parts will also restore the original color. Disadvantage is proportional control requirements are very strict, caustic formula is also relatively strong, very pungent smell, to Caution! Protection of individuals, not suitable for small scale shop hand washing process.

5, Switzerland imports of finished washing the surface water

To tie in with the automatic or semi-automatic washing machine use, all contains a certain toxicity, also not suitable for hand washing.

6, Germany imported 1 ∶ 9 concentrated liquid

This is a solution of red alkaline, smell is very exciting, I smelled, don't touch the skin or eyes. I feel it is a mixture of odor of ammonia (and 4 similar), the solution according to the proportion (1 part of concentrate to 9 parts of distilled water) diluted in distilled water, the temperature and time constraints, can not heating, time can not be too long, otherwise it will have greater corrosion on the movement. You can't wash, wash only, and with this washed with distilled water, and then put the parts washing several times, finally to use ethanol dehydration, drying.

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