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The special significance of watches for men
Published: Caister    Date: 2014-06-06  

The watch is a symbol of quality of life and the status of the. The watch was invented in a very intuitive concept, the big clock becomes easy to carry, convenient for people to know the time. A man with no taste, not look at his appearance, not look at his height, does not see his wallet, do not watch his education, just look at his hand wear, neck, waist circumference is three sensation. But the price is that eating gloves.

It is necessary to know the man wearing except simple wedding ring, the only decoration is the watch. The most annoying is a man with gold jewelry, and gentle, and learned man wearing a yellow boss type in the neck of the big thick necklace, finger wearing yellow shiny gold ring, his image will be greatly reduced, becoming vulgar. But watch exception, gold watch anyway all the same style than the gold bracelet with much taste. Visible, watch it on man really is a decadent to the magic of attunement.

Watch culture has a long history, slowly, watch for people, especially men, are beyond the watch itself significance. From the angle of clothing, watches can be decorative role of relatively dull mens. The watch cost is generally more expensive, so slowly watch became a is luxury goods, so a watch only considerable value of man, for he is the identity of a status symbol.

However, the watch itself value again expensive, are the symbol of the material on the (of course, the material is a prerequisite, very important), watch behind, and the deeper meaning of cultural identity. For a man, have a good quality of the watch, the Department is a symbol of responsibility itself shoulders, reminding you to have a happy family, to remind you one you love also love your wife, remind you should focus their careers, remind you should have a big heart, to remind you time is precious, in the limited time inside, endless make you happiness continues, remind you of someone responsible for......

Watch recorded the time, every day, every little bit away, every turn full circle, back to the starting point, but still kept walking. A friend and I said, watches represent enduring as the universe, the girls sent to you, all is for the sake of your feelings can be for a long time.

The watch is a men's lifestyle embodied. Men generally only from the watch, pen (pen), selection and wear leather, leather belt, to show their fashion and taste. However, because the wallet, purse often slightly cumbersome and women's fashion coverage, therefore masculine men tend to watch and pen. A watch and embodies a man's life pursuit and grasp the future of tolerance.

The editor in chief of last century's "60-70" New York Times called Sulzberger, at that time in the global press that he is also the protagonist. At that time, "New York Times" in an interview the political news reporter, writing Kung Fu and photography uniform flow, as newspapers get some good news, a popular. However, there was a problem with this, is no concept of time, love is. Once an important news White House time delay. This annoyed the Sulzberger, second days Sulzberger went to his desk, took a piece of maintenance from his wrist watch is perfect, put it on his desk, said to him: "guys, coming late again you try!" Thus, Sulzberger this story performance is a responsible man on the watch and the time of grace and generosity of spirit, this is not ordinary people can understand.

A good watch. The most noble watch always has the advantages of simple design, white dial on top of a circle of Rome digital, second, minute, hour, black leather strap (now metal mechanical watch is more common), into precise, dozens of years as one day.

Send men to watch is not a simple matter, so according to what kind of man to what kind of watch is worth considering. Young men for Sport Watch

Young men generally wear sports shoes, shoulder bag and be cool, they see the brightly coloured colour Genie watch, facial expression than perhaps see beautiful girl more focused. But, you know time and tide wait for no man, even the mental age of a child, eye wrinkles, tip of the brow of the vicissitudes of life always betray you inadvertently. Not too much publicity multifunctional sport watch for. The thermometer, stopwatch, diving table and function of all kinds of strange and eccentric to such men as the novel as toys and love. Every day playing in the palm, so sad. Such gifts more than worthwhile, every day of the call asked him if he wanted to do it much better.

To the identity of the man watches may have to spend bit of ideaMany of them are "successful" or "successful", don't want to be so important in watch things lost points. The watch is not in their eyes. If you pack enough drum, this person is worth the investment, to choose the grade of the brand table.

Below I to this problem -- give watches, and puts forward some suggestions for the selection of watches.

Wear a watch to correct, nature should first understand the watch, and be good at choose watch. Selection of watches, often should focus on the type, shape, color, pattern, function and so on five

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