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The secret of watches
Published: Caister    Date: 2013-03-02  

2When you ramble about the busy street and look at the show window of watch shops, you may walk into a watch shop where watch hands pointing at 10:10, since the display makes you happy, you’d like to enjoy the time there.
But why does a watch always show 10:10?
I think there are below factors.
Firstly, many western psychologists find out that it shows ”V ”shape, which is the symbol of “Victory”.
Secondly, both hour and minute hand raise up, from point of aesthetics, it makes people joyful.
Thirdly, the shape is like a bird spreading its wings, which encourages people strive to make progress.
Finally, 10:10 stands for perfection.
These are the reasons why watch shop sellers and watch advertisers market their watches with hands pointing at 10:10.
However, there is the most important substantial factor negelected by pychologists, what on earth does 10:10 stand for?
In fact, 10:10 is the decision-making time, most companies have executive meeting to make strategic decision since people are most sober during that time. Just as watch& clock advertisement says,10:10 is the best time of a day, I think people seldom gamble, kill, indulge at that time, so it’s not only the best time, but also the quiet, benevolent time.
Like the watch like the life, if we set peak time at 10:10, work energetically and efficiently, is there any other difficulty in making progress?

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